ABBYY ScanTo Office


Send documents from the scanner to Word or Excel


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ABBYY ScanTo Office is a program which allows you to send documents directly from the fax, scanner or from any place on your PC, converting them automatically to a format compatible with Microsoft Office (Word or Excel).

The advantage of using a program like this one is that it offers you the possibility of editing the documents even if minimally, something that can help us to work on a scanned document without any complications.

Furthermore, ABBYY ScanTo Office allows you to run it from external applications like Office itself, Outlook or Internet Explorer, or from a comfortable virtual assistant from where we can adjust the few configuration options the program has. Amongst these options the following stand out: the option to directly send any document by e-mail, the option to digitalize the document, or the possibility to adjust the conversion properties.

You can convert a maximum of 15 documents using the trial version.

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